Our Coaching Method

What did you dislike about school?

  • Feeling bored?
  • Lack of autonomy?
  • Having to do as you were told?
  • Teachers lecturing you?
  • Having to memorise things you weren’t interested in and which seemed irrelevant?
  • Being forced to go at someone else’s pace?
  • Being taught at a level that wasn’t quite right for you?
  • Having little to no input?
  • Being told off for chatting in class?
  • Feeling afraid you might get the answer wrong?
  • Feeling that what you wanted to do didn’t matter?
  • If so, you are not alone. It turns out that most human beings resent being told what to do and usually this doesn’t lead to a productive or enjoyable learning experience.

    At Pink Swing we are trying to help you learn in a different way that will hopefully be more enjoyable and more productive. This is a work in progress. Please come and enjoy helping us with our experiment.

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