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Eleanor dancing with Susan Howells at Swing Fastival 2014

Rubber stamp - First lesson free 300px x 300 px rotatedCome swing dancing with us. Your first lesson is FREE.

Gender-neutral classes

No need to bring a partner: we change partners regularly during class. We encourage you to learn both lead and follow roles. As a result you will learn much more deeply, having the perspective from both sides. You will also be able to dance socially with many more partners.


Level 1 class

Learn the basics of swing-dancing. Suitable for beginners and more experienced dancers who want to brush up on the basics.

Level 2 class

Level 2 is ideal if you are comfortable in Level 1 and want to be pushed a bit further. It will focus more on techniques and concepts to make your dancing even better.

Details of our classes

For dates, times, locations and so on, please check out our events listing.

Some example topics for Level 2

  • Variations
  • Changing the timing of moves
  • Continuous motion and enjoying the stretch
  • Followers influence the dance too
  • Flashy footwork
  • Musicality: fitting your dancing to the music

If there is some concept or question you would like to explore, please contact us and we will try to cover it.

Our coaching method

At Pink Swing we are trying to help you learn in a different way that will hopefully be more enjoyable and more productive. Click here for more details

FREE Social dancing

Social dancing after class is FREE so you can practise what you have learnt (the only way to get good).

Private coaching

If you want to develop further and improve faster, why not take an individual or group coaching session?

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